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The Purchaser shall be entitled to make a claim against the Seller or a person designated for repair without undue delay after detecting the defect. If the claim is made in writing or electronically, it should include the Purchaser's contact data, description of the defect and requirement regarding the method of the claim settlement.

The form is available for download here –

The Purchaser is obliged to inform the Seller at the time of notifying the defect, or immediately after notifying the defect, which right of option it has selected. Any change of the selected option without the consent of the Seller shall only be possible if the Purchaser has requested to repair a defect that has turned out to be irremovable.

Should the Purchaser fail to select its right of option resulting from a serious breach of the contract in time, it has the same rights of option as with a minor breach of the contract.

The Purchaser shall be obliged to prove the purchase of the goods (preferably by a purchase receipt). The time limit for settling a claim shall start running from handover/delivery of the goods to the Seller or to the place designated for repair. The goods should be packed during the transport in a suitable packaging in order to avoid any damage, they should be clean and complete.

The Seller is obliged to decide immediately, however not later than within three business days, on the claim or about the fact that the decision requires expert assessment. The information regarding the need of expert assessment shall be provided to the Purchaser within this time limit. The Seller shall settle the claim, including the defect removal, without undue delay, however not later than within 30 days from making the claim, unless the Seller agrees with the Purchaser in writing upon a longer time limit. After the expiry of this time limit, the Purchaser has the same rights as it concerns a serious breach of the contract.

Should the Seller refuse to remove the defect of the goods, the Purchaser is entitled to require a reasonable discount from the price or to withdraw from the contract.

The warranty period shall be extended by the time from making the claim until its settlement or until the time when the Purchaser has been obliged to collect the goods. If the goods or any of their parts have been replaced, the Seller's responsibility shall apply as it involves a purchase of new goods or their parts.

If it is not possible to monitor online the status of the claim settlement, the Seller undertakes to inform the Purchaser on settling the claim by email or via SMS according to its demand.

As for justified claims, the Purchaser is entitled to reimbursement of reasonably incurred costs.

The warranty does not apply to defects caused by:

  • Inappropriate use and project,
  • Improper handling (not applicable to mechanical damage),
  • Transport (compensation for damage incurred during transport need to be applied with the carrier),
  • Improper assembly, improper electrical wiring or protection,
  • Improper operation,
  • Unqualified interference with the device, dismantling the device,
  • Use in inappropriate conditions or an improper manner,
  • Wear and tear due to normal use,
  • Intervention of a third party,
  • Natural disaster.

When exercising the warranty, it is necessary to provide a claim protocol, containing:

  • Data on the Purchaser,
  • Date and number of the sales receipt,
  • Exact specification of the defect,
  • Diagram and specification of protection,
  • Measured values when starting the device operation: 
    • Voltage,
    • Current,
    • Static pressure difference,
    • Air flow,
    • Air temperature.

Any warranty repair shall be essentially made based on the decision of VSM Teplice – Stanislav Med in the company service station, by a service technician on the site of installation (after agreement and completing the claim form), or by a service technician of the manufacturer of the goods delivered. The method of removing the defect is solely based on the decision of the service station of VSM Teplice – Stanislav Med. The claimant shall receive a written statement on the result of the claim. If the claim is unjustified, all costs for its settlement shall be paid by the claimant. The device must be installed by a professional company specialized in air-conditioning, and electrical wiring must be performed by a professional company specialized in electrical engineering. The device must undergo an initial revision of electrical equipment according to CSN 33 1500. The device must be professionally regulated. When starting the device, the above stated values need to be measured and recorded. Such a record must be confirmed by the company putting the device into operation, and together with the record on the initial revision and with the data on the motor protection must be provided with any claim. During the period of operation, the following activities must be carried out regularly: revision of electrical equipment at intervals according to CSN 33 1500, inspections, maintenance and cleaning of the air-conditioning equipment, including checks of the pipe network regulation (the operating point of the system must lie in the permitted area of the working characteristics of the fan, and the fan flow cannot exceed the nominal value).