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The FKR-EU circular fire dampers for closing duct penetrations between fire compartments, for different installation methods, available in many sizes and designs. The FKR-EU fire dampers can be supplied in diameters 315 - 800 mm. Low pressure drop and acoustic performance levels with universal installation options. Integration into a central building management system using TROXNETCOM. Fire resistance class according to EN 13501-3, up to EI 120 (ve, ho, i ↔ o) S.

Optional equipment and accessories for the fire dampers FKR-EU: Electric actuator 24V / 230V. Starting temperature 72/95 °C or smoke detectors. Flanges. Cover grilles.

The FKR-EU fire damper complies with the European product standard EN 15650:2010 in circular design, with two access openings that can be opened without tools. Tested for fire performance according to EN 1366-2:2015 (300 Pa and 500 Pa underpressure), with CE marking.

Catalogue of the product series: FKR-EU-en.pdf. Declaration of performance of the product series: FKR-EU_declaration-of-performance.pdf. Instructions for use of the product series: FKR-EU-instructions-for-use.pdf

  • Two access openings

  • Available in explosion proof version (ATEX) for zones 1, 2, 21 and 22

  • Damper diameter from 315 mm

  • Optional installation of an additional actuator

  • Suitable for a wide range of installation situations (certified)

  • Hygienic certificate