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Duct elements

Duct elements

Duct elements are electric or water duct heaters, external weather louvres, filter boxes, filters, back draft louvre shutters, backdraft shutters, regulation dampers, mixing valves, dampers, protection grilles, flexible flange connectors and airflow regulators. In general, the duct elements are standard components of the ventilation systems.

Acoustic louvres

Acoustic louvresAcoustic louvres “PHZE” are used for reduction of the noise spreading out from noisy areas into the exterior environment. They are the most frequently used in engine rooms, compressor rooms or in similarly noisy production areas. The panels of the acoustic louvres are filled with sound absorbing material with a perforated metal plate for the sound absorption. The acoustic louvres are standardly equipped with an insect and bird protection grid.

Access doors

Access doorsThe access doors are used for easier maintenance and cleaning of HVAC ducts. The access doors are available for circular spiral ducts as well as for square / rectangular ducts. The access doors are made of galvanized steel sheet and are equipped with bolts for fixing to the HVAC ducts.