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The HRZ plate heat recovery units are designed to recover heat energy from exhaust air in HVAC systems. The HRZ plate heat recovery units have higher efficiency, lower pressure drop and more additional features than the HRV heat recovery units. Air filters should always be installed before the heat recovery units to prevent clogging and thus reducing their efficiency.

The HRZ heat recovery units can be supplied in several different variants according to your requirements: 

The HRZ plate heat recovery units are divided into two basic groups:
HRZF - "flat" respects the installation dimensions of the given series 
HRZT - "thick" minimizes the installation surface and is higher than the dimensions of the given series

They are further divided by design into left BL and right BR and by efficiency classes - class E2016 and E2018.

The HRZ heat recovery units can be ordered in the following versions:

R - manual lever
X - actuator with 0-10V control signal and 24V power supply
H - without actuator
24 - actuator with ON/OFF control signal and 24V power supply
230 - actuator with ON/OFF control signal and 230V supply

Damper actuator location 
D - down
B - lateral

Droplet eliminator
EK - built-in eliminator
BE - without eliminator

Catalogue of the product series: HRZ-en.pdf. Declaration of performance of the product series: HRZ-declaration-of-conformity.pdf. Instructions for use of the product series: HRZ-instructions-for-use.pdf

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