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The Pulse 160 small heat recovery unit is suitable for new buildings or renovation of residential buildings where mould formation and insufficient air exchange often occur when using plastic windows. Thanks to the alternating operation and the ceramic heat exchanger, there is no excessive heat loss when using the Pulse 160 heat recovery unit. The ceramic heat exchanger has an average thermal recovery efficiency of 81% to 93% and is equipped with a G3 filter on both sides. The Pulse 160 units can be installed in a wall with a maximum depth of 500 mm and used at temperatures from -20 to +60°C.

The Pulse heat recovary unit is supplied as standard without a remote control, which must be purchased, without it the following programs cannot be controlled.

Eco - alternating operation, the units switch flow direction after 50-70 seconds depending on fan speed, heat recovery is ensured 
Full-blast - operation in only one direction, allows thorough ventilation of the room, heat recovery is not possible 
Automatic mode - the fan speed is automatically adjusted by the built-in humidity sensor, this control ensures optimal air quality in the room 
Sleep mode - the unit stops operating for 1 hour to allow the occupants to fall asleep, after this time the system will resume the previously activated mode

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