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FGT basic


FGT basic

Thanks to their low construction height, the compact FGT heat recovery units with counterflow plate recuperatorare suitable for installation under the ceiling and are designed for ventilation of office and commercial premises, schools, etc. 

The FGT underceiling ventilation units consist of inlet and outlet panel filters (F7 and M5), counter-current plate recuperator, centrifugal fans with low-energy EC motors, shut-off dampers with actuator and flexible connections. 

The FGT heat recovery units are equipped with a fully interconnected integrated control system including temperature sensors, actuators and S-E3-DSP controller. As standard, the control system provides constant airflow volume CAV control or constant pressure VAV control (optional accessories). Switching between high and low speed can be provided by various sensors, e.g. CO2, humidity, motion, etc.

The FGT underceiling counterflow plate recuperator units are available in 3 sizes for airflow volumes up to 2,500 m³/h.

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