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The FDMQ fire dampers are closures in HVAC systems that prevent the spread of fire and combustion products from one fire compartment to another. The damper blade automatically closes the air duct by means of a spring or a servo drive. The closing spring is actuated by pressing the start button or by a pulse from the thermal fuse. The return spring of the servo drive is activated when the BAT thermoelectric starter is activated. After closing the blade, the damper is sealed against the passage of smoke with a silicone seal. At the same time, the damper blade is embedded in a mass, which increases its volume due to the increasing temperature and closes the air duct airtight.

Characteristics of dampers

  • CE certification according to EN 15650
  • Tested according to EN 1366-2
  • Classified according to EN 13501-3+A1
  • Fire resistance EIS 120, EIS 90
  • Tightness according to EN 1751, class C through the damper body and class 2 through the damper blade 
  • Cycling test in class C 10 000 according to EN 15650
  • Corrosion resistance according to EN 15650
  • EC Certificate of Conformity No. 1391-CPR-2020/0003
  • Declaration of performance No. PM/FDMQ/01/20/1
  • Hygienic assessment - Report No. 1.6/pos/19/19b

Operating conditions
Faultless operation of the dampers is ensured under the following conditions:
a) maximum air flow speed of 12 m/s, maximum pressure difference of 1200 Pa
b) even distribution of the air flow in the entire cross-section of the damper.

The operation of the dampers does not depend on the direction of air flow. The dampers can be mounted in any position.
The dampers are designed for air mass without abrasive, chemical and adhesive impurities.

Catalog sheet of the production line FDMQ
Certificate of constancy of performance FDMQ

The FDMQ fire dampers replace the PKTM 90-PM (four-sided dampers).

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