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regulating mixing set

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The mixing SUMX provides continuous power control (proportional control analog voltage signal 0-10 V) and protection of the water heater. The power control is provided by changing the input water temperature at a constant flow of water. Mixing nodes are made of yellow copper and stainless steel, or iron, to a lesser extent from galvanized steel eventually steel. The mixing node in connection with the control unit and other system components antifreeze heater effectively protects against freezing and subsequent destruction. All the information shall apply mutatis mutandis to involve mixing nodes to the cooling system with water heat exchanger.


The mixing node SUMX 1-25 is connection via stainless steel hose directly at the heater. If it required by the conditions of disposal, the hose can be shortened even before installation. The mixing node must not be loaded with tension and torsion connecting duct. Mixing node is can be mounting with using integral holder curtains or via a separate heating sleeves. The flanges node SUMX 28-90 is connection to exchanger via standard heating techniques, among other things but it is necessary to implement transition to the threaded connection exchangers. The mounting flange hubs on hangers or support brackets is suitable heating pipe sleeves. The mixing must be installed so that air can escape into the air vent heater vent or boiler circuit. In particular interconnection stainless steel tubing must be formed after mounting, not to create a siphon. The mixing must always be mounted such that the pump motor shaft in horizontal position! After flooding the system must be vented circulation pump according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Speed control

The pumps ensures constat flow (circulation) water in the heater. Three-way mixing, that control actuator provides power control mixing return water of heater and water, which is supplied to the burner. If the control systém required full capacity, the water flows in a large circle, i.e. From the burner through distributor of heating water, sludge and cleaning filter, service and closing vent, entry to SUMX, three-way mixing (only in direction A), pump, water heater, outlet water from SUMX, service and closing vent into the heating water collerctor. If is not required full capacity, three-way mixing begins to leak some water from direction B and thereby continuously reduces the heat water, which flowing the heater. In the event that there is no required heating power, the water flows only in the heater circuit, ie. three-way mixer  water permeable only in the direction B. The diagram is similarly inverted (three-way valve distribution function).

Additional Information

Additional Information

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