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KBR/F 280D4

radial fan

for heat and smoke extraction
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in 2-3 weeks

The KBR/F 280D4 smoke extract fan is designed for heat and smoke extraction and for common applications. The design of the fan guarantees a long term temperature resistance of 200 °C and up to 400 °C for two hours in the smoke extract mode. The centrifugal smoke extract fan is equipped with a hinged door on which the impeller motor is mounted. The fan is made of a double casing of galvanised steel sheet with thermal and noise insulation made of mineral wool.

Speed [min-1]1481
Air Flow Volume [m3/h]1508
Current [A]0.78
Input Power [W]168
Duct diameter [mm]280
Max. temperature [°C]200
Protection IPIP55
Noise [dB(A)]33
Insulation classF
Housing The fan casing is made of double skinned galvanized steel sheet with 50 mm thick mineral wool thermal and noise insulation. The design of the casing guarantees long-term temperature resistance of 200 °C and up to 400 °C in the smoke extract mode for two hours. The casing is equipped with mounting brackets with silent blocks and a hinged door for easy maintenance and inspection.
Impeller The impeller is radial with backward curved blades.
Motor The motor is located out of the airstream on a hinged door. The motor is equipped with thermal contacts, these must be connected to the appropriate thermal protection relay. In the event of fire, a permanent power supply must be provided outside the protective relay and, if necessary, the frequency converter.
Installation Mounting is carried out using brackets placed on the casing so that the fan discharge is always directed upwards.
Speed control Speed control is possible with a frequency converter.
Additional Information
Availability in 2-3 weeks
Manufacturer Systemair
Type of good fan
Design for heat and smoke extraction
Protection IP IP55
Insulation class F
Data sheet ds-kbr-kbrf-en.pdf